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What to Expect

We would like to make your first visit more comfortable by giving you information about what you can expect.

Parking:  Adjacent to the church is a Metro Park and Ride lot, which is owned by the church and available for free parking on Sunday mornings. Disabled Parking is available in the driveway/carport next to the Sanctuary building in front of the Annex (house just north of the sanctuary used as office and classroom space.)

People:  We are a lively, informal, intergenerational group who gather on Sundays.  Don’t let our small numbers be intimidating. People take the time to engage in conversation both before and after worship.  Most people dress in business casual style, but more or less formal styles are always welcome.

Children:  Everyone worships together including babies, children and teens!  Children are welcome to take an activity binder complete with pencil, crayons, scissors, glue stick and tape to work on an activity page provided during worship.  The sounds of shuffling pages, children’s whispers and fussy babies are considered normal and part of life.  If your child needs to take a break during worship, parents are welcome to go with their child downstairs to the Fellowship Hall just below the sanctuary to get wiggles out, talk out loud, or just regroup.  Rejoining worship at anytime is just fine.

Accessibility:  Our building is old and charming, but with that comes difficulty with modern accessibility needs.  A ramp is available at the southside of the Sanctuary building for those who cannot climb stairs.  Currently, all of our other spaces require climbing at least two stairs for entry.  Bathrooms are not located on the sanctuary level and are therefore not accessible.  Please let us know if this is a barrier to you visiting our church.  As we are able to make modifications, we will be adding ramps and making more of our facility accessible to everyone. For people with visual impairments, all of the words from our bulletin (program) and lyrics to songs are projected in large type.  A sound system is used, but no special hearing devices are available at this time for people with hearing impairments.

Worship Style:  Our worship is a blend of old and new.  While we follow a very ancient order of worship elements, we enjoy modern ideas as well such as a projection screen, eclectic music of different genres and time periods, and a progressive theology (way of talking about God).

Money:  A money offering is collected during the worship service from regular attenders.  As our guest, please do not feel an obligation to give money.  The collection supports  ministry on three levels, within the church, the local community, and globally.  As a member of the greater United Methodist denomination, our church supports education, disaster relief, health organizations, homeless/housing programs, food programs and more throughout the entire world through the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).